The Everest Expedition 2016 Tibet , North side

"Friends and gentle folk. A small window has opened in the weather. So early tomorrow morning we set off. Hope nature is kind to us. See you on  the other side of next week. Stay safe, stay happy and most of all keep smiling x"

-Bob Bhania, UK


Our Sherpa and client have headed towards the summit preparation from the Base Camp this morning. After few weeks of Bad weather, we have got ray of hopes with the weather. The Sherpas will be at the Advance base camp and will head towards higher camps.

Last week, after reaching 8,300 meters and making the climbing arrangements the Sherpas had to head to the base camp because of bad weather.


The Rope fixing till the summit is targeted by 19th of May by the Chinese climbers. We hope for good weather ahead and hope it will be on the side of the climbers. Our target will be heading for the summit on 21 or 22nd depending on the favorable weather. 


On the South side, (Nepal Everest side) Nine high-altitude Nepali mountain workers reached the top of Mt Everest on Wednesday, making it the first ascent in the last two years. They made it to the summit at 5:02 pm.

“The weather is good so far. If things go as planned, climbers will be able to reach the world’s highest peak on Thursday.”  Two hundred and eighty nine climbers are in a bid to climb the Mt Everest this season.

The success rate of Everest expedition summit stands at 50-60 percent. They will be accompanied by at least 400 Nepali high altitude guides, which mean the Everest will see a footfall of more than 600 individuals this season.